Vintage Chancay Doll Maternity Scene, Peru

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Chancay Dolls.  
vintage handicraft.  

Maternity Scene.  
Three women assisting Mother during childbirth.  

Custom display case beautifully presents and preserves this ancient fabric and enchanting scene.


Antique cloth, 20th century Artwork.

Encased: 11.5”x11.5”x7”
Artwork: 8.5”x8”x5”

"Chancay Dolls" are folk are figures made by Contemporary Indigenous and Metizol (mixed indigenous and Spanish) cultures of the Andean region in South America. The figures are modeled after Ancient cloth of sculptures found in the graves of Elite Chancay people, whose culture flourished in the central coast desert region of Peru during the late Intermediate period ( 1000-1400 CE).

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