Vintage Bronze Bust of Greco-Roman Satyr. early 20th century ‘Grande Tour’ souvenir.

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A Patinated Bronze Head of a Greco-Roman Satyr.
Souvenir of the ‘Grande Tour’.
early 20th century.

6” wide x 7” deep x 14” tall (on stand)
head alone measures 6”x7”x10”

very good condition.
stand is in mediocre shape.

Antique Grand Tour Souvenirs refer to the mementos that were collected by wealthy young Europeans during their travels in the 18th - early 20th centuries. These souvenirs were intended to serve as a reminder of the places they visited and the cultures they encountered while on their Grand Tour, a journey through Europe that was considered an important rite of passage for young aristocrats.

Grand Tour Souvenirs were often pieces of art or artifacts that were acquired in the cities and towns that the traveler visited, and they were typically displayed in the family home upon the traveler's return. Examples of Grand Tour Souvenirs might include ancient Roman coins, Greek vases, Egyptian sculptures, or Italian paintings.
Many of the souvenirs acquired during the Grand Tour were antique or historic items, and they were often purchased from dealers or local collectors. The Grand Tour played an important role in the development of the art and antiques market in Europe, as it helped to create a demand for rare and exotic items that could be used to decorate the grand homes and palaces of the aristocracy.

Today, antique Grand Tour Souvenirs are highly prized by collectors and art enthusiasts, and they are often seen as valuable historical artifacts that offer insight into the culture and tastes of the European aristocracy during the 18th-early 20th centuries.

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