Ushnisha Sitatapatra Thangka. Gangtey Monastery, Bhutan.

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Ushnisha Sitatapatra Thangka
Goddess of the White Parasol

Painted by the monks of Gangtey Gonpa, Bhutan.
Very fine detail, extraordinarily skillful.

Beautifully Framed devotional painting in Rich earth tones and Gold Detailing.

Framed under Glass.
28” x 21 x 1”
Interior dimensions of painting :
21" x "15

The Goddess of the White Parasol ,the Buddhist deity Ushnisha Sitatapatra. It is believed that Sitātapatra is a powerful independent deity emanated by Gautama Buddha from his Ushnisha.
She manifests her power with one thousand heads, arms, and legs. Sitatapatra has eyes on the palms of each of her hands and soles of her feet, and each head has three eyes. Standing triumphantly within an aureole blazing with the fire of wisdom, the goddess tramples the enemies of spiritual attainment (such as anger, greed and delusion) with her numerous feet. In Ushnisha-Sitatapatra’s primary hands are the white umbrella of protection and the wheel of the Dharma. Her other hands brandish various weapons and form a halo around her body.

Hum ma ma hum ni svaha

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