Coptic Cross. Ethiopia. Orthodox Christian Processional Cross. Mid 20th Century

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Coptic Cross
Mid 20th century

14” tall on vintage stand
12” tall independent

A beautiful vintage Coptic cross from early Christian orthodox tradition in Ethiopia.
Used as a processional cross.
This stunning Coptic Cross is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to make a statement in any collection. Crafted from pewter, this Orthodox Christian processional cross was handmade in Ethiopia during the mid-20th century. The intricate design features a beautiful representation of the Christian faith and would be an excellent addition for any collector or person of faith.

The unique qualities of this piece are not just limited to its craftsmanship and origin, but also its significance to the religion of Christianity. This particular cross holds special meaning to those who practice the Coptic Christian tradition. It is perfect for display and would make a wonderful gift for a fellow collector or someone who values religious art.

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