Padmasambhava. Guru Rinpoche. Golden Thangka. Gangtey Monastery, Bhutan.

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Extraordinary Thangka of Padmasambhava.
Guru Rinpoche.
The Lotus Born.
Buddha of the Vajrayana. 

Painted the monks of Gangtey Gonpa, Bhutan.

Beautifully Framed devotional painting in Layers of Embossed Gold.

Framed under Glass.
36" x 27"
Interior dimensions of painting :
26" x 18"

Guru Padmasambhava is generally referred to as Guru Rinpoche, which means “precious master.” Guru Rinpoche is a totally enlightened being, a fully awakened one, a buddha. He did not become enlightened gradually, or start practicing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and eventually achieve enlightenment. Guru Rinpoche incarnated as a fully enlightened being. Through his form, primordial wisdom manifests in the world to benefit all sentient beings.
Guru Padmasambhava is associated with transforming negative energy into peaceful and compassionate forms, developing a heart of loving-kindness and compassion.

In this magnificent Golden Thangka His eyes are open in a piercing gaze, blazing magnificently with mysterious power. He cradles a khaṭvāṅga in his left arm crowned with three severed heads and a trident, symbolizing Guru Rinpoche’s liberation from the three kayas of desire, form and formlessness.

His lotus hat is ornamented with a sun and a moon, representing skillful means and wisdom with vajra atop, symbolizing his unshakable samadhi, crowned with a vulture feather, representing his realization of the highest view. In his right hand he holds a vajra, an implement used in Tantric ritual to symbolize the union of conventional and ultimate truth. His left-hand rests in his lap in the gesture of meditation (Dhyana Mudra) and holds a skull cup containing the vase of immortality. The vase is filled with the nectar of deathless wisdom and is adorned with leaves of a sacred flowering tree. The vase further serves as a reminder of Guru Rinpoche’s connection to Buddha Amitabha, as it is the special emblem of Amitayus (an aspect of Amitabha).

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