Dogon Warrior With Raised Fist On Horseback. 24” Tall. Carved Woo

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Dogon Warrior Figure
Equestrian Rider on Horseback.
Dogon People
Mali, West Africa
20th century
Carved Wood

24” tall x 10” x 3”
on stand measuring 1.5” x 12” x 11”

Warrior sitting in power on horseback with raised arm in a gesture of prayer—an effort to link earth and heavens.
Nicely carved details on warrior and horse. Excellent proportions. Impressive size.

Collected by naturalist and philanthropist, Eli Weiss in the 1980’s.

Similar piece In collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art described as follows :
“ In Dogon culture, the horse was understood metaphysically as the vehicle that carried humanity to and from the heavens. Riders are portrayed on sloping equine backs that raise them closer to the sky. The idea of a celestial journey that spans the physical and the immaterial is echoed in the expansive negative space framed by the horse’s body and legs.”

This stunning sculpture depicts a Dogon warrior riding on horseback, with a raised fist and a determined expression. Crafted from high-quality carved wood, this piece stands at 24 inches tall and is a true masterpiece of African art.

The sculpture is handmade and features intricate details that reflect the African culture and the warrior's tradition. Its provenance is available, and it was crafted in Mali, making it an authentic piece of African art. This sculpture is a must-have for collectors of figures and sculptures, and it will add a touch of African heritage to any collection.

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