Albert Bakun ‘Snowmass’ Oil on Canvas 1999

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Albert Bakun
Oil on Canvas

Framed size :
30.5” x 30.5” x 1.5”
Interior dimensions:
24” x 24”

Beautiful autumn landscape painted in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Aspen.
Collected from the artist.

Albert Alexandrovich Bakun
Альберт Александрович Бакун
Born. 1946.
Member of art group Hermitage.

The Hermitage Group of St. Petersburg

The 8 artists/teachers who founded the The Hermitage Group have worked and painted together since the late 1960's. But, because of their unwillingness to follow the dictates of state sanctioned artistic norms, they were forbidden from exhibiting in their own country until the reforms of glasnost.

In 1990, they opened The St. Petersburg College of Composition, the first independent art school in St. Petersburg. In part because of the underground following they developed through their clandestine activities during their years as teachers in Soviet art schools, upwards of 200 students were enrolled in the school by 1992.

In that same year, and again in 1993, they toured the United States meeting with artists and educators during a series of exhibitions and workshops. Through these contacts, the international exchange workshops were created as a vehicle to bring the rich artistic heritage of the Hermitage Group's painting and teaching techniques to Western Europeans and Americans.

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