Bakongo Nkisi Mask. African Fine Art. Mirrored Eyes & Forehead. Nails, Rope,Bone

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Bakongo Nkisi Mask.
Mirrored Eyes & Forehead.
Imbedded Nails, Rope & Bone

13” x 13” x 6” Deep

Nkisi or Nkishi (plural varies: minkisi, mikisi, zinkisi, or nkisi) are spirits or an object that a spirit inhabits. It is frequently applied to a variety of objects used throughout the Congo Basin in Central Africa, especially in the Territory of Cabinda that are believed to contain spiritual powers or spirits.

The Kongo people (Kongo: Bisi Kongo, EsiKongo, singular: Musi Kongo; also Bakongo, singular: Mukongo or M'kongo)[3][4] are a Bantu ethnic group primarily defined as the speakers of Kikongo.[5] Subgroups include the Beembe, Bwende, Vili, Sundi, Yombe, Dondo, Lari, and others.[6]

This Bakongo Nkisi Mask is a stunning piece of African fine art that is sure to impress. The mask features mirrored eyes and forehead, along with nails, rope, and bone accents that make it truly unique. The material used in this mixed media creation showcases the expert craftsmanship of the Bakongo tribe, and its originality ensures that it is a one-of-a-kind addition to any collection. Whether you are a collector of ethnographic art or simply appreciate beautiful and unique pieces, this Bakongo Nkisi Mask is sure to impress.

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