Amhara Warrior Shield. Gurage or Sidamo People. Ethiopia Hippopotamus Hide. 28” diameter x 12”. Early 20th century.

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Warrior Shield
Gurage / Zay
Hippopotamus hide, leather
Early 20th century

28” diameter x 12” deep

Collected by naturalist and philanthropist, Eli Weiss in the 1980’s.

Two sources differ on their attribution of this shield type. One suggests it is an Amhara shield from central Ethiopia, where it was used by the Gurage, whose homeland is northwest of the Oromo between the northern bend of the Omo River and Lake Zway. The other source claims that this shield was used by the Sidamo / Ometo, and more precisely, the Zay (Plaschke & Zirngibl, Afrikanische Schilde / African Shields, 1992).

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