Sango Staff Head. Yoruba,Nigeria

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Sango - Goddess of Thunder.
Carved Wood Staff Head.
Yoruba, Nigeria.
early 20th Century.

mounted on stand.
10" tall

'The ritual paraphernalia associated with worship of the god Sango was originally developed at the court of the kings of Oyo during the eighteenth century. Within the parameters of this artifact's basic form, the design of its shaft has been endlessly reinterpreted with great imagination by Yoruba artists.
On the occasion of annual festivals, ose Sango are removed from the altars of shrines dedicated to Sango and carried as dance wands by devotees who sing his praises. While the imagery evoked in that form of oral poetry focuses upon Sango's hot temper and capricious behavior, the visual representation featured on the ose Sango presents followers in attitudes of devotion.'
~met museum

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