Tibetan Thangka. Surgical Instruments. painting on cloth. Circa 1900.

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Tibetan Thangka. Surgical Instruments.
painting on cloth
Circa 1900.

Traditional Thangka depicting medical and surgical instruments of Tibetan healing Practice.

“Tibetan medical practices include the ancient medical arts and sciences of acupuncture, bleeding, moxibustion, meditation, yoga, healing mineral medicinal baths and other therapies.

An essential theory of Tibetan Buddhism assumes that three main poisons rule the existence of all beings, including humans. These three poisons are greed, delusion and sensual attachment. Tibetan Medicine interprets and assesses three elemental energies :Wind (tib: rLung), Bile (tib: mKhrispa) and Phlegm (tib: Badken). These three constituent energies constantly flow in the human body and sustain health along with cognitive awareness. Practitioners ascribing to essential principles of Tibetan Medicine aspire to equally treat the mind and body’s constituent energies.” ~Rabten, Tashi. (2018). Germany's Solution to Validating Tibetan and Chinese Medicine. Alternative & Integrative Medicine. 07. 10.4172/2327-5162.1000269.

Framed and Matted - no glass.

35” x 27” framed
28” x 19.5” Thangka proper

Condition is Very Good with some minor wear to paint. see photos

ཏདྱ་ཐཱ། ཨོཾ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་མ་ཧཱ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་རཱ་ཛ་ས་མུདྒ་ཏེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ།

Teyatʰa: oṃ bekʰandze bekʰandze maha bekʰandze radza samudgate soha.

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