Vintage Blue and White Ginger Jar. Willow Motif. Hand Painted. Rich Cobalt.

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Vintage Porcelain Ginger Jar.
Blue and White.
Willow motif painting in rich cobalt.
clear glaze over porcelain.
Strongly potted form.
Rosewood Lid.

very good condition

7.5” tall.
rosewood lid.

The Willow Pattern Story:

The design is thought to have been inspired by an ancient fairy tale called The Green Willow.
The story tells how Koong-se, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Mandarin, fell in love with Chang, his low-born assistant. When the Mandarin found out he banished Chang and built a great fence around his property to keep his daughter in and Chang out. The Mandarin arranged a betrothal for Koong-se with a rich and powerful Duke, who arrived by boat carrying a casket of jewels as a marriage offering. While the Mandarin and Duke got drunk together, Chang broke into compound and escaped with Koong-se taking the jewels. The Mandarin, Duke and one of his men gave chase but the couple got away. They ended up living happily on a far away island where Chang made a successful living as a writer. In fact, he was too successful and his fame reached the ears of the Mandarin. He sent his henchmen over to the island where they killed Chang and set fire to the house, killing Koong-se who was inside. The Gods, seeing their plight, immortalised them as two doves which you can see flying together at the top of the Willow Pattern.
Other elements of the story such as the Duke arriving by boat, three men giving chase over the bridge, and even the far away island can be seen in the pattern.

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